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Your Spine Condition Is Not Your End

Spine happens to be a very important part of our body’s structure.Interestingly, the individual bones in the spine are to the tune of 33.These bones are stacked on each other. It is the function of the spine to ensure that our body has full support. Without the effective functioning of the spine, we would find it hard to perform simple physical functions like bending, standing, sitting, among other physical movements. Again, strength and stability comes from the bones of the spine. The best spine surgeons are some of the times the only hope when there are instances of some diseases of the spine.

The diseases of the spine come from several causes. Injuries may occasion some of the diseases. Conditions also for a great percentage of the problems of the spine. The best spine doctors have come up with the following conditions of spine.

Sciatica is one spine condition. This is not a rare condition and it is felt by the leg. The disease originates from the lower back and then travels to the lower legs.The cause of this is a herniated disc or even a spur in the bone that presses on the nerve.

Another condition is the Scoliosis. This condition has a slight disfiguring of the spine. There is a resultant tilting towards one side. This condition occurs just before puberty and is not painful in most occasions.

Another condition of the spine is the Spinal Stenosis.In this condition, the spinal canal narrows, resulting to increased pressure on nerves and the spinal code.This condition is more common on older people due to wear and tear.

The Degenerative Disk Disease is the other condition. The neck and lower back is where this condition occurs. It happens when there is an intervertebral disc breakdown that leads to hernia.

The best spine doctors will conduct spine surgeries. The surgeries will take one of the following forms.

Your doctor can choose to go for spinal fusion. This painful procedure will see two in invertebrae joined into a single bone. This procedure seeks to eliminate movement in the vertebrae.Your spine may take a few months to heal but it will finally heal.

Lumbar Discectomy is the other option.This surgery is considered as minimally invasive.The purpose of it is fixing a disc in you lower back.
Spinal Disc Replacement is the last procedure to be discussed here.In this procedure, diseased spinal discs are taken out and using artificial prosthesis.

Before you decide to take up a surgery, your doctor will advice you and it is good to seek a second option from an equally qualified doctor.

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